About Us

We’re your go-to when you need an outfit ASAP. We offer individual items in a variety of sizes, which helps you mix and match. Once we’ve sold out of a particular style, it’s gone!

Sagrahi started in London by Women who were looking for just that and we want to help you find your perfect party combination.

That’s the beauty of Sagrahi.  Beautiful, chic outfits, that YOU put together, in a range of sizes, delivered straight to your door.

Psstt…! We offer refunds. If the item doesn’t fit or look quite right, you can send it straight back to us.

We can’t wait to start seeing you in Sagrahi!



At Sagrahi, we care about our environment, which is why we have invested in Organic Cotton Sagrahi Labels. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and it’s also recyclable, so please remember to pop your packaging (now there’s a mouthful!) in your recycling bins once you’re finished with it.

We won’t stop there! Wouldn’t it be great if your clothes were kinder to the environment? We’re working on it! And we’ll certainly keep you posted ;)